Worldtrack Tools

Manage your assets, tools, and equipment with a mobile solution.  Simply.

A user-friendly smartphone / Tablet-PC app

QR-coded metal tags or stickers

Separate, hosted web-based administration of users and equipment

Keep track of transfers between users

Management and documentation of mandatory checks, controls, inspections, calibrations, etc.

Make checks directly on your smart phone

Complete and scalable solution – optional RFID, GPS-tracking, SMS switch function etc.

Keep your mandatory checks 100% under control


  • One-touch transfer of equipment between users
  • Find current user with direct-dial functionality
  • Uses smartphone/tablet-PC and QR-codes on metal tags or stickers to tag euipment
  • All scanned transfers are automatically logged with user, date/time and GPS-coordinates
  • Equipment check history available via Internet
  • Ensures and documents that equipment and tools comply with legislation, and similar requirements
  • Mandatory regular checks, calibrations, audits, inspections
  • Users and equipment can be easily registered by users – quickly and efficiently
  • External partners can be included with minimal effort and cost


  • Simple
  • Check-in/Check-out with a single touch on the smart phone / device
  • Easy to implement – users can get started in minutes
  • Saves time on search for equipment and tools
  • Quick access to equipment/tool documentation
  • Complete control of inspection/check documentation
  • History
  • Legislation
  • Safety
  • More responsible employees
  • Loss of equipment / tools typically reduced by more than one-third
  • No hardware investment needed
  • Affordable
  • Very low tagging cost per unit


  • Improved theft protection with tracking, SMS switch (on/off etc.),
  • Improved shipment tracking with RFID
  • Can be combined with the app-based quality inspection and reporting system, QReport, which eliminates most of the administrative effort involved in documenting inspections, audits, checks, etc.
  • WorldTrack Tools is also ideally suited to document hi-frequency visual inspections, e.g. playground inspections