WT-200 (OBD)

GPS tracker for electronic driver’s log

WT-200 (OBD) provides a full overview of driving, efficient handling of employees’ mileage allowance and accounts and documentation for tax authorities, which meets all requirements for driving accounts. WT-200 (OBD) ensures that can distinguish between Private and Business driving.

WT-200 (OBD) covers the needs for the company with a large fleet as well as a smaller craft.

WorldTrack also provides proven reduction in the current mileage allowance payments to employees.

WT-200 (OBD) can provide manageable reporting in a flexible format, making it simple to customize data for your drivers log report.

WT-200 (OBD) can easily be installed in a passenger car, van or truck.



  • Electronic driving logbook
  • Start & stop reports
  • Geo-fence alerts
  • History of vehicle
  • Routing
  • Maintenance work notification
  • Speed ​​alarm
  • Auto theft alarm
  • Internal battery backup
  • Motion and tilt sensor

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