WT-200 GPS Tracker

WT-200 GPS Tracker with Bluetooth

WT-200 is a plug & play GPS tracker that connects to the vehicle via an OBD II socket.

WT-200 provides a full overview of driving, efficient handling of employees’ mileage allowance and accounts and documentation for tax authorities, which meets all requirements for driving accounts.

Fast and simple installation eliminates installation costs.


  • Bluetooth
    Integrated Bluetooth enables wireless
    headset and various other Bluetooth sensors
  • Micro SD card
    Do not lose any records with micro SD card
    up to 32 GB
  • Smart Crash detection
    Ensure safety of your employee with smart
    Crash detection. Get alarm message
    immediately after accident.
  • OBD II socket
    Easy plug and play, Small size, no installation
  • Advanced antitheft system
    Prevent your vehicle from theft with
    advanced antitheft functionality. Combine
    Auto Geofencing with new Towing detection


GSM Specification
Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS class 12(up to 240 kbps)
GPS/GLONASS Specification
Channels 33/99 acquisition
Hot start <1s
Warm start <25s
Cold start <35s
Location Accuracy
Tracking Sensitivity – 165dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity – 148dBm
Function & Package
Power supply (+10…+16) V DC
Battery 170mAh Li-ion 3,7V
Dimension 50.7 (L) ×49.6(W) ×25(H) mm

Bluetooth specification V3.0

Bluetooth transceiver fully compliant with Bluetooth specification V3.0 for external peripherals:

  • Voice calls over Bluetooth
  • Configuration via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth sensors

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