WT-500 PRO GPS TrackerNew

Ultra-compact real-time asset tracker

WT-500 PRO has a very compact design and is one of the world’s smallest trackers on the market with the features offered – including GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, Digital I / O, Tilt and Acceleration sensor.

The advanced tracker unit has many possibilities

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Battery and power

WT-500 PRO measures the car’s battery and can warn the user about the lack of battery power before it’s too late.

This feature is useful in the Nordic countries with cold winters.

  • Even better performance in battery utilization
  • New and improved intelligent power supply

Extended command

There is integrated an expanded command set, that can be activated via SMS and TCP / IP.

  • The relay is activated over the distance
  • Shut off the fuel supply
  • Optional automatic Geofence when the vehicle ignition is switched off

1Wire output

With separate 1Wire output, accessories connected, such as temperature sensors for refrigerated vehicles or cars that deliver meal deliveries.


With E-compass device can track better when the vehicle turns or changing direction. The device can thus put more tracking points, thereby providing better tracking.

Connectivity options
  • Button for driver recognition
  • Relay for activating the starter or fuel pump
  • PIR sensor that measures the motion and used for alarm
  • The temperature sensor for the control of goods or the road surface
  • Siren activated with PIR sensor
  • Access Card Reader Mifare
  • Fingerprint reader to identify the driver
  • Door switch for measuring the door open unauthorized
  • Bluetooth for communication between Smartphone and Tracker device

The following functions are implemented in WT-500 PRO version:

  • GPS med on-board antenna
  • GSM (Quad Band 2G)
  • Motion sensor
  • Accelerations sensor
  • E-compass
  • Battery level sensor (6-30V)
  • Bluetooth 0 (SPP)
  • 600mA Li-Po battery (backup)
  • 2 x Digital in
  • 1 x Digital out
  • 1 x Analog In (0-30V)
  • 1 x ADC sensor (0-30V)
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x iButton
  • 1 x Relay (open collector)
  • 1 x 1wire (for temperature sensor)
  • 5V out for external equipment
  • Tilslutning spænding 6-30V DC
  • Possibility for external GPS antenna.
  • Firmware update OTA via Master/Slave processer.
  • Dimensions (22x40x55mm).
  • Plastic casing
  • Cables:
  1. Standard cable (12V-GND-IGN-GND)
  2. I/O kabel (Digital I/O, Analog IN, iButton, 1Wire, RS232, 5V out)

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