WT-ECO4+ GPS Tracker

Compact GPS tracker built to IP67 standard

WT-ECO4+ is a GPS tracker designed for different types of vehicles. The purpose of the unit is to monitor vehicle location, route, mileage, speed, and more.

  • Light vehicles
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorboats
  • Agricultural and construction machines

WT-ECO4 + has an integrated battery that makes it possible for the device to send data in up to 1 hour after it is disconnected from the power source. The integrated battery is also against theft, because it can block the vehicle’s engine.

  • Tracking and monitoring of vehicles
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Driver identification

WT-Eco4+ has also possibility to driver identification, temperature monitoring, fuel monitoring and driver identification and Driver behavior monitoring (braking, turning, harsh driving).

WT-ECO4+ is extremely compact and is built to IP67 standard. This means that the device is resistant to dust and water, and therefore can be used in different working environment.


  • GSM:Quad band GSM module
  • GPS/GLONASS:Ublox GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • I /O:  Power Supply: 10-32V (resistant to peak pulse up to 72V) 4x digital inputs / 2x digital outputs / 2x analogue inputs (Input range 0-30V) Wire Memory: 2MB

Other features

  • IP67 waterproof
  • Low power consumption
  • GSM antenna integrated
  • USB – configuration, logs, FW update
  • LIS3DH accelerometer
  • 2xLED – GPS status, GSM status
  • Working temperature -35°C to + 55°C
  • RoHS
  • Internal battery (WT-Eco4+)

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