WT-TCO4 GPS Tracker

GPS / Glonass tracking device

WT-TCO4 is an advanced GPS / Glonass tracking device designed for the most complex truck monitoring and control solutions.

In addition to monitoring key vehicle parameters, WT-TCO4 read and transmit the vehicle’s on-board computer data.


WT-TC04 reads data from on-board computers via FMS, LCV and J1708 interfaces and generates remote transmission of digital tachograph data.

WT-TCO4 reads data from refrigerated vehicles ThermoKing, Optitempand Carrier and reads the driving style. The unit may also carry
diagnosing faults in the vehicle’s on-board computer (OBD).

WT-TCO4 is compatible with most devices and sensors. 2xRS232 1xRS485 and interfaces may be used simultaneously. The integrated battery makes the device can send data at up to 4 hours after disconnection from the power resource.

The unit can automatically intercept and report signal interference.

GEO-zone function allows specific actions even though you have lost communication.


  • Tracking and monitoring of vehicle
  • Monitoring of fuel level in the tank
  • On-board computer data reading
  • Digital tachograph data
  • Monitoring of temperature and refrigerators
  • Identifying driver
  • Improving and ensuring safety
  • Specialized vehicle monitoring and control solutions
  • Communication with the driver
  • Fuel optimizing drive

Technical Specifications

  • Quad band modem
  • Ublox GPS/GLONASS receiver
I /O
  • 10-32 V (resistant to peak pulse up to 72 V)
  • 4x Digital inputs (2 impulse counters)
  • 2x Digital outputs
  • 2x Analogue inputs (input range 0-30 V)
  • RS485,2x RS232, FMS, LCV, 2 CAN lines, 1-Wire
  • Memory: 4 MB + Micro SD card slot (up to 32GB)
Other features
  • GSM antenna integrated
  • USB – configuration, logs, FW updates
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope (on demand)
  • 3x LED – GPS, GSM and peripheral status
  • Working temperature -35 – +55
  • ROHS
  • Li-Po 1050 mAh 3,7 V
  • Thermoking support
  • Carrier support
  • 2 SIM card slots (requires additional development)
  • Voice channel
  • More peripherals can be mounted on 1-wire at the same time
Firmware features
  • Records by time, distance and angle
  • 4x profile selection (change by I/O parameters or operator)
  • Remote configuration
  • Firmware update over the air
  • Events by parameters and various conditions
  • Real time CAN bus FMS, LCV CAN, 2 CAN bus lines, Eco driving (CAN, ACC or OBD), Garmin FMI, Tachograph and driver card file download, Weighting system, Optitemp, OBD DTC and parameters, J1708 interface.
  • 111x75x25 mm

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