JC600 3G Google Navigation Bakspejl Monitor

JC600 Rearview Mirror can be applied to any private cars. Google Map navigation with 3G network will be your best friend on the road. GPS+AGPS Dual Positioning System, features of 1080P front camera and D1 back camera make sure every detail to be recorded and to provide full evidence in conflict. In addition, the Android 4.4 operating system provides possibilities for easy integration of new softwares, to make the device to be smart while you are driving.

  • GPS Tracking Service
    Using Wi-Fi or 3G network, you can enjoy professional GPS Tracking, where playback and geo-fence
    are available.
  • App & PC Platforms
  • Google Map Navigation
    With built-in GPS module, you can easily use Google map navigation by 3G/Wi-Fi network and
    download local map APP.
  • 3 Cameras & Online Surveillance 
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free
    JC600 allows you to receive calls without having to fiddle around with your mobile phone
  • Excellent Night View 
  • Driver’s Behaviour Analysis
  • Online/Offline GPS Navigation