Car rental / leasing: Risk free business with WorldTrack

The increasing frequency of vehicle thefts forces car-rental and leasing companies to switch from pure GPS-alarms, locking mechanisms, and surveillance systems to “all-in-one” safety & security solutions.

Many car rental and leasing companies suffer losses from vehicle thefts. To meet these challenges, WorldTrack has developed an innovative tracking solution with unique features. Due to these features, car rental-companies now address the challenges.

Unique features

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote engine shutdown
  • In/out geofence control
  • Event-based notifications
  • Historical data to analyze and report
  • Mobil app to control vehicle outside the office

Business results
We provide a business-specific solution addressing a variety of challenges:

  • High-tech platform for real-time tracking and precise analytics – dozens of units controlled by a single specialist.
  • Maintenance scheduling by days, engine hours, and mileage – timely preventive maintenance and no critical breakdowns.
  • Functional mobile app – 24/7 control in and outside the office.
  • Hardware flexibility – special installation practices for the vehicles to remain under warranty.
  • Stable cloud solution – cut costs on server acquisition and administration.
  • Extended functionality:
    • Cut insurance costs by controlling driving
      quality and engine hours.
    • Prevent spare parts theft by controlling hood opening.