Minuba integration

Integration with driving book

The setup process will ensure that the customer gets all forward-looking drives to Minuba.

  1. The customer log on to Minuba and turns on the fleet management module to where they choose Worldtrack as a fleet management provider.
  2. Then they log on to the Worldtrack Driving Logbook, where the customer could enter the authkey.
  3. Our system will create GpsDevices via Minuba Api but without any associated users.
  4. The customer jumps back to Minuba and associates their users with the newly created GpsDevices.
  5. After that, runs will be automatically created every 24 hours.


Log in to the Worldtrack driving book and select integration

What is Minuba?

Case and order management for all business types in the craft and service industry.

With Minuba, you get a full overview of all workflows in your business. This means that you can follow all your cases – from offer to billing and at the same time get insight into the cover contribution.

It streamlines your operations and ensures increased liquidity. Carpenter, sewer, plumbing or electrician? No matter what subject you belong, Minuba’s digital case and order management system fits your industry.

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