Multi-functional software tracking platform

WorldTrack works with a multi-functional software tracking platform that can be used for tracking of mobile devices, vehicles and people, as well as tracking of fixed assets ie. containers.

WorldTrack solutions include hardware that can be connected to the platform – including GPS tracking devices, personal GPS trackers, car controllers and software-based “trackers” installed as mobile apps on smartphones.

In addition WorldTrack is able to process data received from various sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature etc.), cameras, and other additional tachograph GPS hardware connected to the GPS tracking devices.

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Web Apps

WorldTrack customers who have access to our unique tracking platform, can see and use the web-based apps no matter what type of tracking device they have. Apps are accessed online in a browser.

Below an overview of some of the exciting apps and what they offer in unique opportunities. There is also a video describing the single app service.


The Dashboard app is offered to companies that want an even more detailed monitoring of its fleet.
The system collects data for each vehicle, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, stay, visited geo-fences, time travel, idle and so on.
These individual data are compared in a graphic presentation and can be compared to other vehicles. For example, who executes the most economical driving. The principle used is a so-called Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

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Chatterbox is used for information exchange between driver and back-office. Chatterbox offers features similar to that of an advanced SMS. Photos and addresses can be exchanged, as well as routes and other valuable information that contributes to fewer errors and misunderstandings. Moreover all communication is saved in a log that can always be retrieved.

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Track Player

Track Player allows the user to visually see a driven route on the screen along with time, position and speed. Track Player is a documentation and analysis tool.

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iDriveSafe is a tool for visualization of driving behavior. Data regarding speed, acceleration and roll from the Tracker unit is collected and can later be displayed in the report.
Each violation is indicated by some points, such as a speeding triggers 5 points. Over time, points are summed and displayed for each driver and help to change the behavior associated with aggressive driving.

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Driving book

WorldTrack has developed an app for controlling drive types when the car is shared between Private and Business Travel. Driving book contains an overview of Private and Company driving. The driving purpose is specified in the start i.e. Business or Private. The drivers book can be handled from any media, smartphone, tablet or PC, before or after the start, which is adjustable via PC.
Logbook has printing reports required by the tax authorities. The transcript calculates driving allowance according to the current tax rates.

Logbook can also handle specific rules and notifies the user about the number of journeys between home and business.


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WorldTrack has an effective solution designed to manage all phases of operations in supply and field services. The service makes it possible to perform a variety of tasks within logistics and supply – arranging transport, transport process optimization and cost saving.

WorldTrack Logistics and Route Planning includes a web version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers.

The web version ensures efficient operational procedures in regards to securing:

  • Order placement
  • Planning and distribution
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery process
  • Monitoring and coordinating

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NimBus comprises the core functionality of satellite tracking system and specialized tools designed for passenger transportation management.

Use the service to create stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles between routes, manage schedules, and track route performance in real time. NimBus features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, handy timeline and event-based notifications for online tracking, special ACL system and the proprietary API for third-party software integration and custom developments.

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