Garmin Fleet 670

Advanced navigation for trucks, vans and cars

Live up to your company’s goals for customer service and efficiency with Garmin Fleet 670. Garmin’s fleet solution for long-distance drivers, Garmin Fleet 670, combines purpose-driven navigation experience in their first-navigators with the openness and flexibility of Android.

With Garmin Fleet 670 allows service providers to introduce customized applications and value-added services that meet their unique requirements, as well as connect and control a variety of external devices via Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® or serial cables.

  • Customizable, scalable and powerful open application platform
  • Support for Garmin serial FMI order to ensure the broadest compatibility
  • Advanced navigation features of our best-selling products for trucks and cars
  • Superior, purpose-driven product design
  • Support for card readers, mobile printers, mobile scanners and more

Unique benefits combining WorldTrack and Garmin

The interaction between WorldTrack’s intelligent tracking devices and Garmin Fleet Navigators, provide a number of unique benefits and enhanced features:

  • Send message and route the driver via the Navigator (Garmin / World Track)
  • See when the ignition is ON or OFF
  • Identify Driver with I-Button consumption
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption
  • See when the battery voltage drops
  • Monitor temperature level in cooling unit
  • Find out when the doors are open or closed
  • Switching to Trucks CAN data

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