WorldTrack Asset Tracking

Monitoring your valuable and critical assets around the clock

WorldTrack Asset Tracking helps you keep track of the company’s valuable and critical assets. With our solution, it is possible from the office to have an overview of your assets location and usage around the clock. This enables better planning and unnecessary waiting and downtime.

  • Vehicles
  • Construction machinery
  • Containers
  • Lifts
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Tools
  • And any other asset where a tracking unit can be mounted

Selected features and services

WorldTrack Asset Tracking offers a wide variety of solutions, hardware devices and subscription options depending on your specific business needs, wishes and economy.

  • You can define a specific geographical area (geo-fence), where your asset must be in. If the asset moves out of the specified geo-fence area, you will be notified via an alarm and you instantly take action.
  • If your assets are stolen and placed somewhere without GPS coverage, it is possible to activate a radio transmitter, and in this way the equipment can still be traced.
  • Our compact tracker devices withstand extreme weather and working conditions and are therefore particularly suitable for unmanned equipment.
  • Our trackers have long battery life and can be used for tracking assets that do not have their own power source.

Our unique technical platform

Our technical platform gives you quick and easy access so you can follow your company’s assets and see where they exactly are at all times.

WorldTrack Asset Tracking can easily be installed on your assets. The tracking unit communicates via GSM network with our technical platform, that intercepts the signal from the tracker.

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