WorldTrack Electronic Drivers Log

Save time and effort with WorldTrack Electronic Logbook

Do you use your car for work? Whether it is a quick errand in town or a meeting across the country, the WorldTrack Driver Logbook collects, records and reports all relevant driving details, so you do not have to think about it. All driven trips are automatically detected and logged with complete addresses, mileage and time spent per driven trip.

We can provide detailed reports in a manageable and flexible format, making it easy and simple to customize data for your driver report.

Our solution also provides proven reduction in the current mileage allowance payments to employees.

You can manage your electronic driver’s logbook from your smartphone

wt-driverbook WorldTrack has developed an app with the purpose of controlling which ‘mode’ your are in when driving, when the vehicle in question is shared between both Private and Business usage.

The Driving Logbook solution contains an overview of Private and Company driving. The type of driving – business or private – is specified when starting the vehicle, and if it is business, you can enter the nature of the business – ie. client meeting, seminar or visiting a business partner.

To manage your driver’s logbook from your smartphone or tablet while on the trip

Open the browser on your smartphone / tablet and go to

Please note that a Username and Password will be sent to you in a separate mail.

Around the use of electronic driver’s logbook and taxation of company car (company car), 60-day rule and 25-times rule, etc. (PDF)


  • Electronic driving logbook
  • Start & stop reports
  • Geo-fence alerts
  • History of vehicle
  • Routing
  • Maintenance work
  • Speed ​​alarm
  • Theft alarm
  • Internal battery backup
  • Motion and tilt sensor
  • I-Button
  • Waterproof (IP67 standard)

WorldTrack Electronic Drivers Logbook can be used in:

  • Passenger car
  • Vans
  • Lorry
  • Box truck
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorhome

A complete solution

The full WorldTrack Electronic Drivers Logbook comes with all necessary features including a mobile app, full report package, where you can follow your driving as well as your employees driving. You will also receive full technical support.

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