WorldTrack Logistics and Route planning

Logistics and route planning

WorldTrack has an effective solution designed to manage all phases of operations in supply and field services. The service makes it possible to perform a variety of tasks within logistics and supply – arranging transport, transport process optimization and cost saving.

WorldTrack Logistics and Route Planning includes a web version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers.

The web version ensures efficient operational procedures in regards to securing:

  • Order placement
  • Planning and distribution
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery process
  • Monitoring and coordinating

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How it works


Create and/or import orders with detailed description.


Choose orders and vehicles and get recommended routes – includes data about your arrival time and mileage.

Monitoring the delivery process

Track the delivery process in real-time with the ability to respond to requests through phone calls or chat with the driver.

Order report

Save time with automatic route lists and automatic report generation.

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