WorldTrack Person Tracker

Personal Tracker – provides security and peace of mind

WorldTrack Personal Tracker is suitable for inspectors and travelers in remote and/or dangerous areas as well as elderly and small children.

Valuable features

One of the most useful and valuable feature of the solution is two-way calling, which makes it possible to communicate with the tracking device. You can always call the tracker from a pre-defined number of phone numbers. It also allows you to listen to the specific surroundings where the tracking unit is positioned. The sound from the built-in microphone can be recorded on a central server.

The WorldTrack Person Tracker unit has a built-in tilt & acceleration sensor, which sends an SMS to predefined numbers. This function is relevant for older persons, in order to indicate whether the person has fallen.

Bluetooth capability makes it possible to communicate with other sensors, such as blood pressure, temperature and the like. WorldTrack Person Tracker is able to send data to a doctor, hospital or alarm company.

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