Worldtrack Drivingbook

New driver’s log with more features

The new Worldtrack Drivingbook containing a wide range of smart features that make it simple to keep accounting – before, during and after the trip.

You can easily record your drives with purpose and indicate whether it is private or business from your smartphone or tablet in your car. You can then approve and transmit such. mileage on your PC.

It makes it simple for you, both to keep accounting and follow SKAT’s 60-day rule og 25-times rule – if you need this.

Furthermore register if necessary. Parking makes sure you get a notification when the time expires. Furthermore register refueling, so you can make a full fuel accounting.

In addition, it operating with two profiles – administrator and user respectively. In most cases, these two roles be together coincide.

You previously received a username and password that are sent by mail.

Should you have questions regarding the use please feel free to write on

  • On your PC you can always access all information, write reports, edit and approve the accounts before further mission.
  • On your smartphone or iPad, you can see the trips for the previous 24 hours and generate graphical overviews for all driving in the given period.

So easy to get started

  1. Open your browser and go to:
  2. Enter your username and password – previously submitted
  3. Enter the vehicle and odometer / date
  4. Get comfortable in the car – open the App on your Smartphone
  5. Enter the purpose and the type of drive
  6. Drive