WT-800 ny generation og professionel GPS Tracker

Vandtæt GPS/GSM tracker med Li-ion backup batteri

WT-800 er en avanceret vandtæt real-time tracker designet til forskellige typer af køretøjer og formål:

  • Lette køretøjer
  • Varevogne
  • Vandtransport
  • Motorcykel
  • Offentlig transport
  • Biludlejningsselskaber

Den avancerede tracker enhed rummer mange muligheder

  • Tracking og monitorering af køretøjer
  • IP67 støv og vandtæt
  • Brændstofmonitorering
  • Temperaturmonitorering
  • Chaufføridentifikation
  • Auto Geofencing


  • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
  • GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12(up to 240 kbps)


  • NMEA-183 protocol
  • 32 channel GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • -161 dBm sensitivity


  • 1 Digital Input Reserved for Ignition Status Monitoring
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • 1 Analog Input (10V or 30V range)
  • 2 Digital Open-collector Outputs (connecting external relays, LED, buzzers etc.)
  • 1-Wire® protocol (iButton, RFID, temperature sensor)
  • Motion sensor
  • Power supply (+6…+30) VDC
  • Waterproof (IP67) case
  • Integrated 1800 mAh LiPo back-up battery
  • Internal High Gain GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • 1MB memory
  • Dimensions: L(72,5mm) x W(73mm) x H(27,3mm)
  • 2 Status LEDs
  • Micro USB Port
  • Waterproof (IP67) case allow use device in place where is contact with water
  • With new integrated GNSS module, your tracking experience will be better than ever before. Even higher sensitivity, faster than ever cold start and almost instant hot start ensures that your fleet will be tracked precisely
  • High capacity internal LiPo battery ensures long autonomous working hours, receive tracking data and warnings when main power source is disconnected.
  • Real Time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and event based)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Scheduled 24 coordinates SMS sending when GPRS not available
  • Deep Sleep mode (less than 6 mA power consumption)
  • Integrated scenarios:
  • Over speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties
  • Immobilizer function
  • Authorized driving (1Wire® iButton ID keys up to 50 iButton keys) use to prevent stealing or indicate drivers
  • Trip start and end detection